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  The Cibao Valley has light sandy fertile soils, an ideally mild climate and enough, but not too much, ram. Experienced Vegueros, planters who nurture the tobacco, bringing ah Iheir know-how to hear from the planting of the seed crops through to the harvesting of the leaves. Experts with a talent for patiently coaxing out the riches of the earth as the tobaccos are fermented, sorted and blended for OK Cigar owned by Davidoff Group. And virtuoso Torcedores who shape the tobacco into finished cigars, ready to smoke and savor.

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Classic Brazil 4 3/4 X 41 Zino Regular Price: $22.50
 On Sale For: $20.77
Classic Sumatra 4 3/4 X 41 Zino Regular Price: $22.50
 On Sale For: $20.77
Grand Classic Brazil 5 1/2 X 46 Zino Regular Price: $24.00
 On Sale For: $21.67
Relax Brazil 5 3/4 X 30 Zino Regular Price: $22.00
 On Sale For: $20.47

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