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The exquisite AVO cigars are made from selected tobaccos, kept in store until they are fully mature. These contain a large proportion of a specially fermented, matured Piloto Cubano tobacco from the Dominican Republic. The binder leaf is best Olor tobacco from the Villa Gonzalez region, and a Connecticut Shade wrapper leaf provides the perfect finishing touch to the AVO cigars.

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Classic #2 Maduro 6x50 Avo Regular Price: $46.00
 On Sale For: $39.95
Classic #2 Natural 6x50 Avo Regular Price: $44.50
 On Sale For: $39.95
Classic #2 Tubos Natural 6x50 Avo Regular Price: $42.95
 On Sale For: $34.95
Classic #3 Maduro 7 1/2x50 Avo Regular Price: $52.00
 On Sale For: $39.95
Classic #3 Natural 7 1/2x50 Avo Regular Price: $250.00
 On Sale For: $159.95
Classic #3 Tubos 7 1/2 x 50 Avo Regular Price: $206.00
 On Sale For: $139.95
Classic #5 Natural 6 7/8 x 46 Avo Regular Price: $44.00
 On Sale For: $44.95
Classic #5 Tubos 6 7/8 x 46 Avo Regular Price: $45.50
 On Sale For: $36.95
Classic #9 Maduro 4 3/4x48 Avo Regular Price: $40.50
 On Sale For: $34.95
Classic #9 Natural 4 3/4 x 48 Avo Regular Price: $38.50
 On Sale For: $29.95
Classic #9 Tubos 4 3/4 x 48 Avo Regular Price: $40.00
 On Sale For: $33.95
Classic Belicoso Maduro 6x48 Avo Regular Price: $48.00
 On Sale For: $34.73
Classic Piramides Maduro 7x36-54 Avo Regular Price: $54.95
 On Sale For: $37.95
Classic Piramides Natural 7x36-54 Avo Regular Price: $250.00
 On Sale For: $199.95
Classic Piramides Tubos 7x36-54 Avo Regular Price: $54.95
 On Sale For: $39.95
Classic Robusto Maduro 5x50 Avo Regular Price: $43.00
 On Sale For: $39.95
Classic Robusto Natural 5x50 Avo Regular Price: $41.00
 On Sale For: $39.95
Classic Robusto Tubos 5x50 Avo Regular Price: $42.50
 On Sale For: $39.95

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