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When you establish a reputation second to none, you inspire those who would like to emulate you. And when it comes to reputations, none can match that of Cohiba. There are only two places in the world where this brand is legitimately manufactured: Castro's Cuba and in the Diaz y Cia subsidiary of General Cigar Co. in Santiago, D.R. This is one of those products about which little needs to be said. It is a cigar whose reputation alone sells it.

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Red Dot Churchill ( 7 x 49 ) Cohiba Regular Price: $89.95
 On Sale For: $64.95
Red Dot Corona (5 1/8 x 42) Cohiba Regular Price: $59.95
 On Sale For: $44.95
Red Dot Corona Especiale (6 1/2 x 42) Cohiba Regular Price: $69.95
 On Sale For: $49.95
Red Dot Corona Minor (4 x 42) Cohiba Regular Price: $44.95
 On Sale For: $34.95
Red Dot Crystal Corona Tube (5 1/2 x 42) Cohiba Regular Price: $69.95
 On Sale For: $49.95
Red Dot Lonsdale Grande (6 1/4 x 47) Cohiba Regular Price: $99.95
 On Sale For: $89.95
Red Dot Miniatures 10/Tin Nat (3 7/8 X 24) Cohiba Regular Price: $109.95
 On Sale For: $89.95
Red Dot Pequenos 6/Tin (4 3/16 X 34) Cohiba Regular Price: $79.95
 On Sale For: $64.95
Red Dot Robusto (5 x 49) Cohiba Regular Price: $89.95
 On Sale For: $69.95
Red Dot Robusto Fino (4 3/4 x 47) Cohiba Regular Price: $55.00
 On Sale For: $39.95
Red Dot Toro Tube (6 x 50) Cohiba Regular Price: $79.95
 On Sale For: $59.95
Red Dot Triangulo (6 x 54) Pyramid Cohiba Regular Price: $105.00
 On Sale For: $69.95

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