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Cigar Lighter
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Cigar Lighter
Cigar Humidor  Now In: Xikar Cigar Humidor

Smell a freshly cut cigar as you snap your XIKAR® cutter into its locked position. The spring-loaded, double guillotine design gives the cutter feel and performance like no other.
Why would a cigar connoisseur who spends $10 to $35 per cigar use anything but the best cutter? Lack of the proper tools and knowledge prevents it!

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Crystal Humidifier 100Ct. Xikar 811XI
Crystal Humidifier 250Ct. Xikar 812XI
Crystal Humidifier 50Ct Xikar 810XI
Crystal Humidifier Jar 2oz. Xikar 809XI
Crystal Humidifier Jar 4oz. Xikar 808XI
Digital Rectagular Hygrometer Xikar 831XI
Digital Round Hygrometer Xikar 830XI
PG Solution 16oz. Xikar 815XI
PG Solution 8oz. Xikar 814XI
Xi Ultra Slim Cutter Xikar XIUSCUTTER
Xi01 Silver Xi Cutter Xikar Xi01101
Xi02 Black Xi Cutter Xikar Xi02102
Xi04 Gold Xi Cutter Xikar Xi04104
Xi05 Blue Xi Cutter Xikar Xi05105
Xi06 Red Xi Cutter Xikar Xi06106
Xi2 Bloodstone Red Cutter Xikar Xi2200
Xi2 Granite Silver Cutter Xikar Xi2201
Xi2 Lapis Blue Cutter Xikar xi2202
Xi2 Malachite Green Cutter Xikar Xi2203
Xi2 Noir Black Cutter Xikar Xi2204
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