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Ashton is blazing hot! This brand is hotter than a forest fire! Nationally, Ashton sales have gone through the roof, and just about everyday we hear from cigar enthusiasts who recently have become loyal die-hard Ashton smokers. It's remarkable. But let's stay focused here... Where were we? Ah yes, the Ashton Classic... This is a truly luxurious cigar handmade in the Dominican Republic in the legendary Fuente factory. A delicious assortment of super-aged Dominican tobaccos rest inside the glorious confines of a beautiful blonde Connecticut shade-grown wrapper. These wrappers are pristine with an almost velvet-like smoothness. The flavor is mild to medium-bodied with tender notes of oak and espresso beans. The Fuente family takes great pride in the manufacturing of Ashton and it shows. These cigars boast superb construction and unforgettable flavor that keeps happy customers coming back for more. If you are yet to try an Ashton Classic, we recommend that you deprive yourself no longer. Pick up a box today and discover this fantastic cigar for yourself!

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Ashton 5 Cigar Sampler Ashton Regular Price: $69.95
 On Sale For: $59.95
Ashton VSG Sampler Box Ashton Regular Price: $79.95
 On Sale For: $69.95
Benchmade Cazadore (6 1/2 x 46) Ashton Regular Price: $18.95
 On Sale For: $14.50
Benchmade Churchill (7 x 50) Ashton Regular Price: $20.95
 On Sale For: $15.95
Benchmade Robusto (5 x 50) Ashton Regular Price: $18.95
 On Sale For: $14.95
Benchmade Toro (6 x 50) Ashton Regular Price: $19.95
 On Sale For: $15.50
Vintage No. 1 (9 x 52) Ashton Regular Price: $109.95
 On Sale For: $99.95
VSG Corona Gorda (5 3/4 x 46) Ashton Regular Price: $13.95
 On Sale For: $9.95
VSG Spellbound (7 1/2 x 54) Ashton Regular Price: $15.95
 On Sale For: $13.95

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