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For more than a century and a half, H.Upmann has come readily to the lips of cigar connoisseurs. Today, the legend lives on in the rich, smooth satisfaction of handmade cigars that are unmistakably H. Upmann.A distinctive cigar begins with fine tobacco. Tobacco that is as much a result of experience and knowledge as soil and sun. Today's H. Upmann is a premium blend of long filler and natural binder, hand-wrapped in the finest quality Indonesian shade grown tobacco.That quality is immediately apparent in the silky feel and superb craftsmanship. The aroma is inviting and mellow. The taste is full-bodied, yet smooth and mild.It's what the legend is made of, known all over as the smoking pleasure that is uniquely H. Upmann

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Churchill (46 x 5 5/8) H. Upmann UPCH
Conn. 96-10 (5 3/4X42) H. Upmann UPC10
Conn. 96-20 (5 3/4X47) H. Upmann UPC20
Conn. 96-30 (6 3/4X42) H. Upmann UPC30
Conn. 96-40 (5X50) H. Upmann UPC40
Conn. 96-50 (6X50) H. Upmann UPC50
Conn. 96-60 (7X46) H. Upmann UPC60
Conn. 96-70 (7 X 52) H. Upmann UPC70
Corona (44 x 5 1/2) H. Upmann UPCO
Corona Major Tubes (44 x 5 1/2) H. Upmann UPCM
Demi Tasse (33 x 4 1/2) H. Upmann UPDE
Lonsdale (44 x 6 1/2) H. Upmann UPLO
Monarch Tube (46 x 7) H. Upmann UPMO
Petit Churchill #200 (46 x 4 1/2) H. Upmann UPPCH
Petit Corona (44 x 5) H. Upmann UPPC
Petit Lonsdale #300 (44 x 4 1/2) H. Upmann UPPL
Res. Belicoso (6 1/8 x 52) H. Upmann UPRBEL
Res. Corona (5 x 44) H. Upmann UPRCOR
Res. Robusto (5 x 54) H. Upmann UPRLR
Res. Sir Wnston (7 x 50) H. Upmann UPRSW
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