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  Not long after Jaime Partagas sailed from Spain to Cuba, he founded the cigar brand that bears his name. The year was 1845. Yet the greatest chapters of Partagas history were written by two other men, Ramón Cifuentes and the son who was named after him. Whether working together or alone, it was those two great cigar masters who made Partagas the leading Cuban cigar. But in 196l, two years after Fidel Castro had seized control of the Cuban government, Ramón Cifuentes was forced to flee the island, never to return. Seventeen years later, he was finally able to begin creating his Partagas cigars again, this time in the Dominican Republic, where his unmatched tradition of cigar making remains alive and well.

  So rich yet never harsh, a Partagas cigar has all the flavor and character of the cigar that knew Cuba when.

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Photo Product Manufacturer SKU More Info
Almirante (6 1/4 X 47) Partagas PAAL
Aristocrat (6 X 50) Tapered Partagas PAAR
Black Label Bravo Maduro 4 1/2 X 54 Partagas PABBR
Black Label Clasico Maduro 5 1/4 X 54 Partagas PABCL
Black Label Magnifico Maduro 6 X 54 Partagas PABMA
Black Label Maximo (Tube) Maduro 6 X 50 Partagas PABMX
Black Label Piramide Maduro 6 X 60 Partagas PABPI
Black Label Prontos 6/Tin Maduro 4 3/16 X 36 Partagas PABPR
Decadas No. IV (7 1/2 x 48) Partagas PD#4
Decadas No.II (5 1/2 x 50) Partagas PD#2
Decadas No.III (6 1/4 x 43) Partagas PD#3
Diciembre (5 1/2 x 49) Partagas PACDI
Enero (6 x 54) Partagas PACEN
Fabulosos (7 X 52) Partagas PAFA
Febrero (6 1/2 x 45) Partagas PACFE
Humitube (6 3/4 X 43) Partagas PAHU
Maduro No. 8 (6 1/4 X 48) Partagas PAMA
Miniature 8/Pack (3 3/4 X 24) Partagas PAMI
Naturales (5 1/2 X 50) Partagas PANA
No. 1 (6 3/4 X 43) Partagas PA1
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