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  With a consistently mellow taste, Macanudo is the number one premium cigar in the United States today. Part of the reason for this is that the centuries-old traditional Cuban method of aging its Connecticut shade-grown wrapper not once but twice is still followed by Macanudo. The best carefully hand-selected premium filler tobaccos from Jamaica and the Dominican Republic make the Macanudo sought after for its mildness and flavor by knowledgeable cigar smokers everywhere. A dark, supple leaf from Mexico makes up the binder in this favorite. Highly prized by cigar smokers is its unvarying mellowness, year after year.

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Photo Product Manufacturer SKU More Info
898 Cafe 7 X 45 Macanudo MA898
Ascot 10/Tin Cafe 4 3/16 X 32 Macanudo MAAS
Baron Rothschild Cafe 6 1/2 X 42 Macanudo MABR
Caviar Cafe 4 X 36 Macanudo MACA
Claybourne Cafe 6 X 31 Macanudo MACL
Crystal (Tube) Cafe 5 1/2 X 50 Macanudo MACR
Diplomat Cafe 4 1/2 X 38-60-44 Macanudo MADI
Duke of Devon Cafe 5 1/2 X 42 Macanudo MADD
Duke of Wellington Cafe 8 1/2 X 47 Macanudo MADWE
Duke of Windsor Cafe 6 X 50 Tapered Macanudo MADWI
Duke of York Cafe 5 1/4 X 54 Macanudo MADY
Gold Label Ascots 10Pk Tin Macanudo MACGLASC
Hampton Court (Tube) Cafe 5 3/4 X 43 Macanudo MAHC
Hyde Park Cafe 5 1/2 X 49 Macanudo MAHP
Lords Cafe 4 3/4 X 49 Macanudo MALO
Macanudo Vintage 2000 I Macanudo MV2KI
Macanudo Vintage 2000 II Macanudo MV2KII
Macanudo Vintage 2000 VIII Macanudo MV2KVIII
Macanudo Vintage 2000 X Macanudo MV2KX
Maduro Ascot 10/Tin 4 3/16 X 32 Macanudo MAAS3
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