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Cigar Humidor  Now In: Sancho Panza Cigar Humidor

  Sancho Panza cigars were originated in Havana in 1852 and are still made there with a surprisingly mild taste for Cuban cigars. In sharp contrast, the Honduran version of Sancho Panza was introduced in 2001 with a very rich taste. Like Sancho Panza, the loyal squire who remained at Don Quixote's side through all of his delusions of grandeur, Sancho Panza the Honduran cigar makes a trustworthy companion. This is a cigar you can always depend on for an excellent draw and a decidedly full-bodied flavor.
  In the uncompromising style of cigar master Estelo PadrĂ³n, each Sancho Panza cigar is made with a specially selected Connecticut Shade wrapper, a rich blend of Cuban-seed tobaccos and a flavorful Connecticut Broadleaf binder.
  Because Sancho Panza offers you a great value as well as a great cigar, you can enjoy it every day.

Photo Product Manufacturer SKU More Info
Caballero 6 1/4 X 45 Sancho Panza SACA
Double Maduro Cervantes 6 1/2 X 48 Sancho Panza SACE3
Double Maduro Escudero 7 1/4 X 54 Sancho Panza SAES3
Double Maduro La Mancha 5 1/2 X 44 Sancho Panza SALM3
Double Maduro Quixote 4 1/2 X 50 Sancho Panza SAQU3
Dulcinea (Torpedo) 6 1/8 X 54 Sancho Panza SADU
Extra Fuerte Barcelona 6 1/2 X 48 Sancho Panza SAXBA
Extra Fuerte Cordoba 5 1/4 X 44 Sancho Panza SAXCO
Extra Fuerte Cordoba Nat 5 1/4 X 44 Sancho Panza SAXCO
Extra Fuerte Madrid 6 1/4 X 54 Sancho Panza SAXMA
Extra Fuerte Pamplona 4 1/2 X 50 Sancho Panza SAXPA
Glorioso 6 1/8 X 50 Sancho Panza SAGL
Matadores 10/Tin 4 X 24 Sancho Panza SAMA
Primoroso 6 3/4 X 47 Sancho Panza SAPR
Valiente 5 1/4 X 50 Sancho Panza SAVA

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