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Cigar Humidor  Now In: Premium Cigar Humidors Cigar Humidor

Skillfully hand-crafted of the finest woods and leathers, Premium humidors are truly works of art. Premium humidors promise a perfect seal at seams, and ensure the integrity of wood grain throughout each piece. Fragrant Spanish Cedar, chosen for its aging properties, lines each humidor. To protect your cigars, all humidors are supplied with hygrometers and humistats to carefully measure and maintain the proper level of humidity, creating the perfect atmosphere. Gold-plated, silver or brass locks, quadrant hinges or piano hinges, secure lids with a precision fit. Premium humidor's high gloss humidors boast a rich 11-layer hand-polished, lacquer finish. Beveled glass, tasseled keys, contemporary or traditional handles, unique inlays and cigar capacities ranging from 25 - 400 are a few of the distinguishing qualities of the Premium humidor line. No two humidors are alike.

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1485 Retail Tower Display Premium Humidors Regular Price: $199.95
 On Sale For: $149.95
1517 Travel/Starter Humidor Premium Humidors Regular Price: $59.95
 On Sale For: $39.95
1518 Budget Humidor W/Humistat Premium Humidors Regular Price: $49.95
 On Sale For: $34.95
1574-16D Beveled Glass Top Premium Humidors Regular Price: $249.95
 On Sale For: $179.95
1576-19D Beveled Glass Top & Front Premium Humidors Regular Price: $229.95
 On Sale For: $179.95
1577 Beveled Glass Premium Humidors Regular Price: $199.95
 On Sale For: $129.95
CB Passport Aluminum Travel Humidor Misc. Regular Price: $29.95
 On Sale For: $22.95
CB Waterman Travel Humidor Misc. Regular Price: $39.95
 On Sale For: $22.95
CC Bravo Negro 120Ct Humidor Premium Humidors Regular Price: $199.00
 On Sale For: $109.95
Cigar Caddy 10ct. Cigar Case Misc. Regular Price: $34.95
 On Sale For: $24.95
Cigar Caddy 15ct. Cigar Case Misc. Regular Price: $39.95
 On Sale For: $29.95
Cigar Caddy 2Ct Cigar Case Misc. Regular Price: $24.95
 On Sale For: $18.95
Cigar Caddy 5ct. Cigar case Misc. Regular Price: $31.95
 On Sale For: $21.95
PH 5Ct Gift Box Misc. Regular Price: $24.95
 On Sale For: $15.95
PH Countertop Display 4 Misc. Regular Price: $299.95
 On Sale For: $189.95
PH Countertop Display 5 Misc. Regular Price: $299.95
 On Sale For: $199.95
PH Milano Elegant Misc. Regular Price: $150.00
 On Sale For: $99.95
PH Milano Glasstop Misc. Regular Price: $140.00
 On Sale For: $94.95
PH Milano Glasstop Black Oak Misc. Regular Price: $140.00
 On Sale For: $94.95
PH The Alhambra Misc. Regular Price: $160.00
 On Sale For: $104.95
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